Fiddler’s Elbow – Brighton

A traditional pub with a black façade, named Solers Elbow. It has hanging lanterns, flower boxes with vibrant flowers above the entrance, and several chalkboard signs advertising a Sunday roast, live music, and quiz night. The windows have white frames.

One of the livelier spots on Brighton’s pub map, Fiddler’s Elbow is a raucous, raving Irish pub that, of course, claims to pour the best Guinness in town. But they are more than an Irish one-trick pony, as they claim to pour beers ‘you don’t even know yet’. Not that it matters, because if you’re going to an Irish pub, and you’ve got an IQ higher than room temperature, you’re ordering the Guinness.  

The major string to their bow is their live events. Open mic nights on Sunday nights, which ranges from live music to poetry, and supported by host Evan Walsh who will chime in with a sing-along banger or two; the first Friday of every month hosts an unruly ‘fast and furious’ Irish folk night, complete with banjos, flutes, and tin whistles; Monday night holds trad sessions, a chiller, post-weekend event that still goes live. 

Their outdoor space often gets rammed on big nights, turning into a slightly clubby atmosphere. Their modest menu offers a Sunday roast and pub classics, but you’re not here for the food. You’re here to down stouts ‘til you’re blue in the lips. 

As well as a lively vibe and expertly poured Guinnesses, they blow their own trumpet about having ‘the best atmosphere outside of the stadium’. While perhaps something of a white lie, the atmosphere for big games in Six Nations and football tournaments does tend to explode. Tie your laces and don’t wear your nice shirts, for after Ireland score, you may be getting rather sticky and stout-smelling. 


11 Boyce's St
01273 325850
Brighton Railway