Fountain Head - Brighton

A cozy bar interior with a long wooden counter, various drink taps, and hanging warm lights. The seating area includes white and wooden chairs around small tables. The decor features dark walls, large mirrors, and several potted plants, creating a welcoming atmosphere.
Image via Fountain Head

Another Brighton pub enjoying a posh refurb, Fountain Head retains the old-school familiarity with a classy wooden bar, exposed brick, and low ceilings to generate a warm, intimate vibe. There’s a reason it’s always on the busy side. 

It wouldn’t be a tarted-up Brighton boozer without a stellar pub menu. With nachos, burritos, quesadillas, and falafel burgers, paired with more modest, native choices such as the chip butty, the pubs Tex-Mex orientation provides perfect sustenance for a day of drinking. All food options can be made vegan too, in true Brighton style.

Though it’s the events that elevate the Fountain Head to be one of Brighton’s liveliest spots. Live music, in the form of bands, solo acts, and DJ sets, gives the spot a varied music scene to find new talent. Intriguingly, their pottery and pints events are a unique chance to get loaded while turning. Good luck finding a pub where you can burn through rose while turning clay. 

And of course, it’s a great place to watch sport. A number of screens provide spectatorship for most sightlines in the venue, with their bigger matches (think international tournaments) requiring a booking, which comes free. If you have any football-crazy vegan mates, this may be the place. 


101-102 North Rd
01273 628091