Sidewinder - Brighton

A brightly lit, eclectic bar and restaurant with a mix of rustic and modern decor. The bar is adorned with colorful, weathered wood panels. Pendant lights hang from a wave-patterned ceiling. Tables and chairs are scattered throughout the space with various decorations.
Image via Sidewinder

Right in the heart of Brighton's chiller Kemptown, Sidewinder offers one of the best beer gardens in town, fresh pub classics (with vegan options of course), and banging live music options on weekends. 

Their drinks menu boasts a dizzying selection of craft and bottled beers, hailing the rare Einstock brewery beers, but they’re mostly known for their Big Gins. What makes a gin big, exactly? Wouldn’t you like to know. Their website has a bottle shop, which links you directly to Laine breweries. 

Their menu, fuelled by Classic Tony’s, presents a modest selection of affordable snacks, including Buffalo wings and smoked padron peppers, but their stand-outs are found in their selection of subs. Sopranos fans don’t look away; classic Italian, chicken parm, vegan BLT, and roasted Italian with aubergine and red peppers (that’s what I should’ve got).

The main string of their bow, however, is their events, which includes live music and sports showings, making use of their grand space and their number of screens dotted around the venue. Enjoy their intimate vibe on rainy days, and their bounteous garden on sunny days, few and far between though they are. 


65 Saint James's St
01273 679927