The Ancient Mariner - Hove

A large, cozy-looking pub or restaurant with warm lighting and festive decorations is seen glowing at dusk. The building has a red and white facade, multiple windows, and a fenced-in outdoor seating area. A sign reads The Ancient Mariner above the entrance.

At the heart of Poets Corner you'll come across the Ancient Mariner, an eccentric, somewhat bohemian community pub that features live music, pottery workshops, and live story-telling. Something of an artistic community centre with taps, you'd also be surprised to find that the Mariner shows the sport, providing a jumbo screen for sport-oriented punters. Attempting to unite two typically non-intersecting demographics, The Ancient Mariner joyfully turns the Venn diagram of artists and footy fans into a circle.

As alluded to, the main attractions of this particular boozer are its events. Irish folk sessions on the first Thursday of each month, Jazz nights on the second, alternating British/Eastern European folk nights on the third, and Sea Shanty night every fourth. Every Thursday without fail breeds new opportunities to experience new music. 

The last Saturday of each month holds a karaoke, and Pottery and Pint nights are held regularly throughout the calendar. ‘Eclectic’ may just be an understated term for the glory of delights put forth by the Hove joint. 

For the big sporting events (think World Cup and Euros), they’ve got something of a jumbo screen to accommodate all. Dog-friendly (with a lead) and child-friendly until 8pm, just make sure your dog and/or child are well-behaved (an instruction found on the website). 

Their tap line-up blends familiar pub classics like Kronenbourg and Amstel with new-comers like Orchard Thieves and offerings from the ubiquitous Laines Brewery, and their menu, while their kitchen goes under renovation, has been happily provided by Pizzaface, enabling you to eat fresh-baked pizzas with a pint. Huge win. 


59 Rutland Road
01273 748595