The Bath Arms - Brighton

A lively street scene showcases the exterior of Bath Arms pub, adorned with colorful string lights and bunting. Three people are seated at a table outside the pub, nearby is a jeweller's shop with a vibrant display window. The atmosphere is festive and inviting.
Image via Shepherd Neame Brewery

The oldest licensed boozer in the area – dating back to 1864 – The Bath Arms is proud to present itself as a ‘proper pub’. Betraying all the exteriors of a pub unchanged since Thatcher was prime minister, the interior tells a different story. Fancy wallpaper, flowers on tables, and a sizable gastropub menu that will feed all your vegan friends (as I’m sure in Brighton you may have plenty). 

Whole roasted plaice, crab and nduja linguine, goats cheese and walnut salad – you’d be forgiven for thinking The Bath Arms is a restaurant experience masquerading as an estate pub. Their taps display mainly the products of Laine Brewery – a fine brewery producing many tasty ales of all varieties – as well as some UK favourites, like Whitstable Blonde (a must-drink if you see it on any tap line-up) and the notable Beer Island pale ale. Truly, The Bath Arms has staying power for the elders who talk of the used-to-be, as well as the trendy young IPA drinkers. 

You can book it out for a private party of 25 people, which from that you can have a set menu designed for you, and you can book in to watch the major events of the sporting calendar. Despite its antiquated presentation, The Bath Arms aims to be a comprehensive, modern social joint. Big tables outdoors, a fireplace indoors, and gorgeous décor in between, they have every right to call themselves one of the best pubs in Brighton. 


3-4 Meeting House Ln
01273 731864
Brighton Railway