The Duke of Wellington - Brighton

A white-painted pub named The Duke of Wellington stands on a sunny street corner. The building features flower boxes, a Welcome sign, and advertisements for beer and sport in its courtyard. A no-entry sign is visible at the corner. Other buildings are in the background.
Image via Duke of Wellington

One of the classier ways to spend a day drinking, the Duke of Wellington has semi-recently enjoyed a successful refurb that updated the venue to be a touch more bright and sleek, while refusing to lose its old-school public house charm. 

Two minutes from the train station, the Duke regularly pulls in fan traffic from BHAFC games on their travels hither and yon from the AMEX. Typically, a pub so close to the station is best to be avoided, but the Duke proves exceptional. 

For one, it is immediately elevated for its inclusion of a pool table. While most old-school pubs lost these old-school pub games and activities, the Duke stands firm on this issue: you can take away our sticky tables and our drab interiors, but you can never take away our past-times. Moreover, the Duke hosts regular quiz nights for locals and general knowledge enthusiasts, taking the status of a community pub despite being entrenched in tourist territory. 

For big games and tournaments, the Duke provides excellent viewing, with a few screens dotted around to accommodate most of the available sightlines. The sports events come without bookings, so get in early to find the best seats, which, as you’ll find, shan’t be a chore to endure. 

Come hours before kick-off, fill your bellies with perma-discounted drinks and shots, and stumble out moongazingly into the narrow yonder, quenched and satiated. 


70 Upper Gloucester Road
01273 973546
Brighton Railway Station