The Pump House - Brighton

A historic, black-brick building with the sign Pump House on the front and side. It has large windows, some with green plants on the sill, and hanging flower baskets. The street is sunny, and neighboring buildings are visible, including a curved modern structure.
Image via Brighton Beer Blog

Unpretentious and old-fashioned, the Pump House boasts an almost-entirely wooden interior, padded bar stools, and brown, stodgy pub menu classics. With two gloriously sizable, south-facing bay windows to let the sunshine in, don’t expect the Pump House to be dingy, dimly-lit public house of auld; this is an ideal spot to take your parents or family for a day of unadulterated indulgence.

Most pubs of similar location have endured tart-ups in recent years that, while bringing social drinking into modernity, have risked losing soul and familiarity. The Pump House stands strong on tradition, looking like the last 30 years hasn’t happened to it, while still appearing fresh and approachable, blending the comforts of the past with the embellishments of the present. 

Situated in a distinctive Tudor-esque building, with thick wooden beams indoors to navigate, a classic pub like this is a rare find right in the middle of town, made all the better by its menu which contains offerings of bangers and mash, burger and chips, pie, mash, and gravy, and full roast dinners on Sundays. No ‘modern takes on a classic menu’ or cross-cuisine hybrids. Nah, not for the Pump House. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Opting for real ales over those new age craft beers, The Pump House knows what it's about.

Elevated by its outdoor area and its indoor screens which show all the major sporting events, the Pump House may just become your favourite local. 


46 Market St
01273 827421
Brighton Railway