The Round Georges - Brighton

A two-story pub with olive green exterior walls and a sign reading The Round Georges in gold letters. Flower baskets hang near the entrance. Wooden picnic tables are positioned outside. Residential homes and parked cars line the street beside the pub.
Image via Geograph

Take a step away from the tarted-up gastropubs and 21st century attacks on traditional pub culture, and take a step or two toward Kemptown way, through the square doors of the Round Georges. 

Despite a softcore refurb, the Round Georges remains unpretentious, catering mainly to the whims of locals, of which there are a stable plenty. Simple pints for simple punters. At least, that’s for the drinks menu.

The food menu is about as exhaustive as you’d hope a simple boozer to be. Eight different choices for small plates, including whitebait, onion bhajis, and gyoza, a mains menu including several different types of burgers, and, an English homecooked classic, toad in the hole. It doesn’t get more traditional than that.

However, the Round Georges shy’s not from a original approaches. Their free function room exhibits local artists, becoming something of an art gallery especially during Brighton Fringe season. It also functions as a venue for Brighton Open house, and for workshops ranging from Silver and Sage to yoga. More conventionally, their screens allow for sports viewings for major tournaments and other such sporting events. 

Comfortingly, they also host regular music and comedy nights, harkening back to days of the old public house which acted as centres of entertainment. Showcasing local artists and comedic talents, the Round Georges is a classically great local institution, embodying the best of all modern pub traits. Few pubs allow you to get friendly with the locals between rounds of yoga. 


14-15 Sutherland Rd
01273 691833