The Signalman - Brighton

Outdoor seating area with wooden picnic tables and benches set on artificial grass, decorated with colorful string lights and bunting. The area is shaded by umbrellas and surrounded by greenery, creating a festive, inviting atmosphere.

In a pub landscape of renovated gastros and boozers left unchanged since Thatcher’s era, an all-rounder like The Signalman naturally stands out as a favourite. While its bookshelves, chalkboard, and £15 burgers may turn away the more traditionally inclined, their offerings are simply so good that few will actually care.

A defining marker to determine the quality of any modern pub is the quality of its outdoor space, and boy does the Signalman deliver. Spacious, airy, covered, lined with benches, and adorned with outdoor rugs, their garden feels like a well-prepared, back garden family barbeque, especially since it backs on to the neighbours gardens. Views of terraced houses permeate the perimeter, and you really feel embedded in the community, at least physically. To make an outdoor space cosier than the indoor takes some serious feng shui. 

Many modern pubs boast menus that could rival actual restaurants, and the Signalman is no exception: 24 hour brined buffalo chicken burger, sourdough bruschetta, chicken shawarma, kimchi loaded fries, blistered padron peppers, and Korean BBQ wings are the big standouts. A usual mix of British and disjointed international offerings, the menu is wide-ranging enough to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 

Like most other Brighton pubs, they proudly sport kegs from the Laine Brewery, which, despite their local ubiquity, produce enough diversity in pints that you’d never need to step outside the Laines (their IPAs are especially juicy). Complete with pub games like toad in the hole, and screens for the sport, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason to leave. 


76 Ditchling Rise
01273 689783
London Road