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Sip, savour, and sea-ze the day as we hop through the best pubs in Brighton...

With a pub-to-resident ratio that's hard to beat (one pub for every 250 residents), this seaside town boasts a vibrant pub culture that caters to every tippler's taste. Whether you're yearning for cocktails with a sea view or craving a mega Sunday roast in The Lanes, our roundup of the best pubs in Brighton ensures there's a watering hole for every thirst-quenching occasion. Read on to discover more!


2 Boyce's St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1AN

With its stylish fusion of modern and rustic interiors, The Oculist boasts a spacious venue that transforms seamlessly from a delightful day spot to an entertaining evening escape. The fabulous Middle Eastern menu from BaBBab ensures your taste buds are in for a treat, perfectly complemented by an array of beers, ales, wines, and spirits – including locally sourced delights. Snap up those Insta-worthy moments on the rooftop terrace while savoring the much-loved classics or gearing up for DJ nights that kick off after 8pm. Children and furry friends are welcome, but beware – the party hits a crescendo as the clock strikes 8pm!

The World's End

World's Ed via Facebook

60-61 London Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4JE

The World's End on London Road, where childhood dreams meet adult libations in the most epic way possible. This drinking hole is a haven for big kids, offering everything from virtual reality booths to a remote control race track that turns any night out into a race for glory. But the pièce de résistance? A fully immersive escape room that's bound to test your wits and have you racing against the clock. Hosted by The Racing Bug, the skalextric dreams of your youth come alive in precision-manufactured madness, guaranteeing smiles, laughter, and the ultimate battle for supremacy.

The Tempest Inn

Tempest Inn

159 Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 1NB

This seafront gem invites you to nestle into its cozy cove, where seats are carved into the rock, and intricate drawings adorn the walls, setting the stage for a dining experience like no other. Whether you're soaking up the sun on the stunning terrace or immersing yourself in the lantern-lit, textured interiors, The Tempest Inn is a haven for those seeking fabulous food and live music vibes. The unique inside bar hosts some of Brighton's best electronic music events, ensuring your nights are as lively as the sea breeze. From individual caves on the ground floor to exclusive hire options on the first floor with exposed brickwork and a private bar, there's a space for every celebration.

White Rabbit

13 Kensington Gardens, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4AL

Step through the looking glass into this eccentric hideaway, adorned with quirky interiors featuring a red telephone box, vintage furnishings, and Alice in Wonderland-themed murals that set the stage for a pub night like no other. With an offbeat events calendar boasting themed parties and acoustic music nights, The White Rabbit ensures there's never a dull moment in this delightful boozer. Indulge in their kitsch fare, including Sunday roasts and fish finger sandwiches, all crafted with locally sourced goodness. As part of the Laine Pub Company, this pub not only excels in fantastic DJs during the evenings but also offers a prime spot to watch the world go by in its gem of a beer garden.

The Black Lion

Black Lion via Facebook

14 Black Lion St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1ND

By day, escape the hustle and bustle of Brighton's Lanes and savor a refuge with bites from the gastro pub menu. But as the sun sets, witness the Black Lion transform into a lively pub and venue, drawing crowds for nights filled with drinking, dancing, and an all-around great time. On Sundays, it's all about the legendary roasts, complemented by two premium beer gardens and the city's 'largest selection of Bloody Mary's' – a spicy journey from 'Fluffy Clouds' to 'Satan's Breath.'

The Joker

2 Preston Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4QF


Step into the realm of mirth and mischief at The Joker in Preston Circus, where the pub scene has experienced its very own renaissance, thanks to the vibrant student population in the area. As if that weren't enticing enough, the kitchen is under the spell of Lost Boys Chicken, the maestros of Wing Wednesdays, turning each wing ting into a hit sensation. But hold on, this is no ordinary pub – ascend the stairs to discover a hidden treasure trove featuring a cocktail bar, a games room, and a recently debuted roof terrace, perfect for those sun-soaked revelries.

The Hobgoblin

31 York Pl, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4GU

The Hobgoblin, where unusual furnishings and tattered vintage charm collide with a kitchen that's nothing short of magical. Dive into a world of flavor as The Troll's Pantry conjures up a sweet array of meaty treats, perfectly paired with hoppy delights to satisfy every hungry soul. This Brighton institution, situated on London Road, is more than just a rock pub – it's a lively, mixed haven that attracts a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts and merrymakers. Positioned perfectly between Brighton University campuses and the town center, The Hobgoblin has become a student favorite, fueled by daily student deals and offers that make it the ultimate hangout. Expect raucous evenings in the beer garden, mighty Mexican dishes, and tasty tipples aplenty.

Earth & Stars

Good COmpanions via Facebook

 132 Dyke Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 3TE

Good Companions is not just a pub – it's a celebration of home comforts and top-notch camaraderie. Gather the gang for an afternoon session featuring real Sussex ales that'll have you feeling as snug as the pub's hella cozy interiors. This gastro secret is a treasure trove of period features, serving up traditional pub dishes alongside an extensive and delicious liquid offering. With eight handpumps pouring Sussex's finest at any given time, Good Companions earns its spot as one of the top ten pubs in Brighton. Explore the historic charm within and venture into the hidden garden for a sip of the strong variety of beers on tap. Don't miss out on Sundays, where a fantastic roast awaits to elevate your weekend vibes.

The Victory

Victory Inn Via Facebook

 6 Duke St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1AH

Boasting a menu of British classics, including must-try fish 'n' chips and hearty steak meals, The Victory is the ideal spot to gather with friends over tasty grub and a few pints. As one of the city's oldest pubs, it wears its age with pride, showcasing original features while embracing an innovative spirit that keeps the party alive. Positioned between the town center and the beach, it's a hotspot for all walks of life, welcoming everyone through its doors on the weekends. Fridays and Saturdays amp up the excitement with live music or DJ sets, turning The Victory into a lively destination for revelry. Beyond its historic allure, this pub boasts a team renowned as the most welcoming in town and proudly holds the title of the city’s most dog-friendly boozer.

The Wick Inn

63 Western Rd, Brighton and Hove, Hove BN3 1JD

This hidden gem boasts not only great local ales but also a secret upstairs speakeasy, stirring up some of the town's best bourbon cocktails for those in the know. Nestled quietly in Hove, The Wick Inn is a treasure trove of historical trinkets, cracking pub food, and an abundance of local ales. The pub quiz here is hailed as 'the best this side of France,' so bring your brainpower, you boffins! Perched on the corner of Palmeira Square, The Wick Inn represents the Hove half of the city and stands out with its incredible Thai food menu, creating a cut above the rest ambiance. Fairy lights adorn the cozy interior, making it shine even brighter in the winter months. Inside, the Victorian green tiling and tinted windows create a true local pub vibe, with quality drinks served by damn fine bartenders. The lively crowd and vibrant atmosphere make every visit memorable, complemented by authentic Thai food available Mon-Sat and a new Sunday roast that's quickly becoming the talk of the town.