Visit the Seven Sisters Country Park for an Easter walk!

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Image © Robert Hewitt via Flickr

Head out for a spring walk this Easter Holiday along the South Downs!

Visit the Seven Sisters Country Park for a huge selection of walking (or cycling) routes to enjoy!

Image credit: Ricardo Feinstein via Flickr

The Seven Sisters Country Park area gets its name from the seven chalky cliff peaks that make up the Sussex Heritage Coast. The highest of these is Haven Brow, a 253ft cliff that looms over the choppy sea below. The area makes part of the wider South Downs National Park, an impressive 1,600km² that stretches from Eastbourne to Winchester, covering East Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire across the south of England. This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty certainly offers a seemingly endless selection of walking routes, with The Seven Sisters National Park presenting a strong selection of them close to Brighton.

Any Seven Sisters walk is best started from the Country Park's Visitor Centre which is easily accessed from the centre of Brighton. Jump in the car and enjoy the 30-minute journey (around 15 miles), taking in the stunning seascape as you drive. Those who don’t have access to a car can also enjoy this delightful area. Regular buses travel to and from Brighton’s North Street to the Visitor Centre, taking just under an hour.

Make the most of the area by embarking on the simple Country Park Trail, a well signposted 3-mile walk that shouldn’t take you much longer than an hour and a half. Starting at the Visitor Centre, follow the trail uphill, down towards the cliff front, up a steep flight of stairs and onto the beach. Whilst relatively easy to take on, the terrain can be quite uneven and involves some steep gradients. It is, however, an extremely family friendly walk to be enjoyed by all. This walk is dog friendly, however you will have to keep four four-legged friends on a lead for the majority of the way!

Image credit: Tom Lee via Flickr

Those looking for an unforgettable view of the Seven Sister’s namesake cliffs can visit Seaford Head, where a sweeping seascape shows you all seven of the chalky peaks. You can start this route from the Cuckmere Inn, heading down along the footpath towards the direction of the sea. When you get to the coastguard’s cottages you should head up the hill and stop to take in the remarkable view. Wander down to the area’s beach for a brisk walk by the pebbled shores before following the riverbank back up to the Cuckmere Inn!

Those looking for a real challenge might want to join the South Downs Way, a vast walking route that stretches the entire length of the South Downs National Park. This entire walk offers a 160km route across the South of England, with a chunk of the route heading right through the Seven Sisters Country Park. Start off a little further afield at the world-famous Beachy Head, an iconic spot which features in the final scene of the iconic 70’s film Quadrophenia. Beachy Head is the highest chalk sea cliff in the UK, and warnings are issued as the chalk slowly crumbles away close to the surface. Stay a safe distance from the cliff’s edge and follow the South Downs Way from here, heading towards Birling Gap, along the seven cliff fronts and along Cuckmere River to the Country Park’s Visitor Centre. This entire route should take around 6 miles, so a circular route hike around the area makes up an enjoyable 12-mile walk.