Ashton Gate Independence Sports Bar

A large crowd of people, mostly dressed in red and white, are gathered in an indoor space, watching a soccer match on a large screen. Some are standing on a mezzanine level. The atmosphere appears lively and enthusiastic.

This is where the famous ‘crowd goes wild’ meme (above) was captured - the crowd erupted in celebration as Daniel Sturridge scored against Wales in Euro 2016 - so be prepared for soaring celebrations (we hope!). 

All tickets cost £6 and come with a complimentary drink upon arrival. The bar opens one hour before kick-off, and tables are available on a first-come, first served basis with standing space for 450 people split across two levels.

They will be showing the England games on their gigantic screen (the largest indoor pub screen in the country!) and the atmosphere will be electric.



Ashton Gate
07789 714483
20-minute walk from Parson Street station