King Street Brew House

A dimly lit, crowded bar filled with people socializing and enjoying drinks. Patrons are gathered at the bar counter, chatting and drinking, with colorful lights and decorations enhancing the lively atmosphere. The background has brick walls and various wall hangings.

Since opening in 2015 King Street Brew House has developed a reputation as one of the best places in Bristol to enjoy the football and a beer (or several); the comfortable modern pub has five screens in its interior, a spacious outdoor area, and its very own award-winning micro-brewery serving a great range of cask beers as well as some amazing craft beers and lagers on tap, including the now legendary White Trash American IPA. The chefs also do a fantastic job with their range of fried chicken burgers (plus a large selection of vegan, or chick*n, options) and fried loaded with (frankly) ungodly goodness.

There will be no charge to watch any of the Euro 2024 games and places will mostly go to walk-ins, with some group bookings available for non-England games in the Tank Room.



13 Welsh Back
0117 405 8948
1-minute walk from Welsh Back ferry terminal