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Red Light

If you’re looking to impress, don’t bore your date with a trip to the cinema or a beer and a burger at the local pub. There’s an endless choice of bars and restaurants in Bristol – but which ones are the best for a romantic rendezvous? From secret speakeasies through to cosy bars, we’re here to ensure your next Tinder date or Match Meeting in Bristol is a night to remember.

Culture Calling's best spots for a date in Bristol

Chin! Chin! Bar

Whether you fancy an evening cocktail or afternoon tea, Chin! Chin! Bar is a great all rounder. It’s the perfect relaxed environment for an after work drink and fits a Sunday lunch meet-up just as well. Enjoy British food and drink in its cosy and mood-lit interior with shabby chic sofas and cute vintage trinkets. Best of all, they have a selection of cocktails for under £5, so it’s pretty affordable too.

155 St Michael's Hill, Bristol BS2 8DB. See more of Chin! Chin! Bar online.


If you’re really looking to push the boat out (pun very much intended) then choose a meal at the Glassboat. Located on the river in Welshback, this classy dine-onboard serves up a fantastic selection of Euro-touring food and wine. Enjoy a long, lazy lunch whilst staring out at the restaurant’s unique panoramic views.

Glassboat on the river

Photo Credit: Paul Townsend.

Welsh Back Bristol, BS1 4SB. See the Glassboat website for more details.

Everyone loves feeling like they’ve stumbled across a secret gem, and although Hyde&Co (and its sister bar Milk Thistle) has made quite a name for itself, this speakeasy is great for a secluded date. Look for the bowler hat outside and then ring the buzzer to head down to a bar straight out of prohibition era America. There’s no moonshine here (sadly), just a menu of colourful cocktails including A Dame to Kill For if you feel like sparks are flying or Curse of the Lonely if, erm, it might be time to head home early.

Hyde & co. interior

Photo Credit: ShotAway.com

2 The Basement, Upper Byron Pl. Bristol, BS8 1JY. Discover everything about

Red Light

Red Light bills itself as an adult bar, which might seem a bit suggestive for a date - but hear us out. This sultry bar is actually a great alternative to your standard cocktail joint. Walk through a graffiti covered passageway lit by a single red light down to the bar: your date is going to think you’re seriously edgy (and therefore seriously cool). Inside, the saloon is full of cosy corners for passionate conversations, and there’s an exciting cocktail menu to keep your thirst quenched throughout the night (including rum and coke with a serious twist).

1 Unity St, Bristol BS1 5HH

Under the Stars

The name suggests a romantic atmosphere, and Under the Stars certainly doesn’t disappoint. In the Spring and Summer months, you and your date can sit on the top deck of this charming boat bar, and enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail. Feast on delicious tapas whilst admiring the night sky (and hopefully, each other’s company). When it’s a little colder, Under the Stars also hold regular film nights and music events downstairs where you can cosy up together on a bean bag with some hot chocolate - how all great relationships start.

Narrow Quay, Harbourside, Avon, Bristol BS1 4QA. Find out about all their events on the Under the Stars website.