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Better Food

Zero waste and low plastic shopping are here to stay. With consumer behaviours trending towards more ethical purchasing when it comes to much of lift - including food - shops that can offer a low-waste alternative are a welcome addition to Bristol's local economy. Here are our 5 favourite destinations to get your refills sorted - make sure to bring containers!

Zero Green

1 Zero Green on North Street

Opened in 2018, Zero Green sits halfway up North Street in Bedminster which is just south of the river. Comprising a series of intriguing rooms, the shop has an extensive range of loose and refillable natural items for sale - think oils, nuts, legumes, nuts and frozen berries. Make sure to try the freshly produced chocolate nut butters!

Where? 80 North Street, BS3 1HJ.

Better Food

2 Better Food at 3 Locations

Launched by local food campaigner and writer Phil Haughton Bristol's biggest indie organic health chain Better Food has improved its zero-waste offering hugely in recent years. Stock up on organic bread, fruits, herbs and veggies - as well as the usual selection of nuts, and dried goods at any of the three well-placed locations. Don't forget the Medjool dates or the seasonal outdoor plants available outside...

Where? 94A Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2Q. 1-5 Gaol Ferry Steps, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6WE. 278 Gloucester Rd, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8PD.


3 Preserve Foods on Gloucester Road

Perched on a curve on Gloucester Road family-owned Preserve Foods is a favourite with locals looking for healthy organic foods and lifestyle goods - but without the waste. With reasonable pricing and friendly staff, Preserve has you covered for the majority of your shopping needs!

Where? 208 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NU.

NOM Wholefoods

4 NOM Wholefoods in Fishponds

Situated on Broad Street in Fishponts (East Bristol) NOM Wholefoods is an excellent option in this roundup. Opened by passionate owners Nikki & Matt, NOM offers a well-stocked range of sustainable items - including many local producers such as Ginger Beard Preserves @gingerbeardspreserves. Visiting is a real treat but delivery is available for locals which can involve the option to use returnable glass bottles. Make sure to check out the nearby Artichoke Wholefoods if you are in the area!

Where? 37 Broad Street, Staple Hill, Bristol, BS16 5LP.

Smaller Footprints

5 Smaller Footprints in Clifton Village

Founded by owner Grant and serving Clifton Village's customers Smaller Footprints is a petite but long shop that is taking a stance against the tidal wave of single-use plastic. Get all the usual zero-waste products for your kitchen, as well as cleaning and hygiene supplies.

Where? 9 Regent Street, Clifton Village, Bristol BS8 4HW.