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Bristol offers several public parks and gardens where residents and visitors can relax, exercise, and enjoy nature. From green spaces nestled in the city centre to larger estates further afield, we’ve picked out some natural gems:

Brandon Hill

Image of Brandon Hill, Bristol, with Cabot Tower on top
Image via Third Eye Traveller

Brandon Hill, Park St, Bristol BS1 5RR

Brandon Hill is a historic park near Bristol city center. It offers panoramic views of the city, a playground, and a nature reserve. The Cabot Tower, a landmark in the park, provides an excellent vantage point, though the climb to the top is not for the faint of heart, as there are 109 narrow spiral stairs to negotiate.

Queen Square

Image of Queen's Square, Bristol
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Queen Square, Bristol BS1 4LH

Nestled amongst Bristol's Harbourside and Old City areas, Queen Square is a popular retreat for nearby workers and visitors looking to relax against the backdrop of the magnificent Georgian town houses. The square also regularly hosts outdoor theatre, concerts and other major events in the city.

Castle Park

Image via

Castle Park, Bristol BS1 3XD

Castle Park is bounded by the harbour and incorporates part of the river and the ruins of St. Peter's Church, making for a scenic and leisurely stroll in the centre of Bristol.

Stoke Park

Image via

Romney Avenue, Bristol BS7 9TB

Open at all times and with no charge for admission, Stoke Park is family-friendly with ample space for outdoor activities. The park also provides a range of recreational facilities, including playgrounds, sports fields, and wooded areas.

Ashton Court Estate

Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9JN

Ashton Court Estate is the 270-acre estate of the beautiful Dower House, which dates all the way back to 1553. Several aspects of the house and estate are Grade II listed, and the grounds feature woodlands and two small lakes.

Oldbury Court Estate

Image of Oldbury Court Estate
Image via Pinterest

Oldbury Court Rd, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2JH

With a children's play park, a tea hut at Snuff Mills, marked areas for fishing in the River Frome, two football pitches, a cricket pitch, woodlands and a community garden plus plenty of picnic spots, Oldbury Court Estate is well worth a visit.

Arnos Vale Cemetary

Image of Amos Vale Cemetary
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West Lodge, Bath Rd, Bristol BS4 3EW

Inspired by the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris, Arnos Vale Cemetery opened as a 'garden cemetery' in 1839, two years after Queen Victoria came to the throne. As part of Bristol’s rich heritage, it offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about the history of the city.