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Brighton’s Must See Gigs this November

2 November 2017 | Tom Hodgson

November is a bit of a nothing month really. Sure, you’ve got Bonfire Night, but apart from that what else is going on? Gigs, that’s what! Luckily, Brighton is hosting a load of awesome shows throughout the month to keep you entertained. Here are the ‘must see’ gigs coming to Brighton this November.


Image credit: Phillip J Randall
Haunting yet gentle, Lomelda’s emotionally driven songwriting concerns love, travel and heartbreak, which will definitely interest fans of Cat Power, Nick Cave and Yo La Tengo. Her music also has a very exposed feel to it - she lays everything bare in her lyrics and keeps nothing hidden, allowing the listener to be entirely consumed by her stories. Lomelda’s songs have a yearning for human connection and intimacy that is not to be missed in a live setting.
Lomelda performs at The Joker, Saturday 4 November. For more information, please click here.



Image credit: Fiona Garden
Ambient and peaceful, with gentle vocals and a backdrop of dreamy instrumentation Chelou’s music has a quietly optimistic tone. It’s easy to soak up the sounds coming through and relax into the atmosphere created. The ambience of Chelou’s recordings are not lost in his live performances, which creates a relaxed environment to be in.
Chelou performs at The Prince Albert Wed 8 November. For more information, please click here.
Goat Girl

Image credit: Charlotte Patmore
Goat Girl are one of those bands who seem to come out of nowhere but have actually been plugging away in their local music scene for a long time, putting on shows and building a community. Their sound is heavily embedded in the psych genre but branches out into a variety of rockabilly, avant-garde and even western music to give it a distinct, engaging vibe.
Goat Girl perform at The Joker, Thursday 9 November. For more information, please click here.

Image credit: Jakub Končir

Dreamy and haunting, The KVB combine shoegaze with electronic elements to create their unique sound. Their music also has an unmissable 80s vibe running throughout with the use of authentic vintage synths which adds warmth to the hazy undertones. The Joker is a small capacity venue so this is a good opportunity to catch an already well established band in an intimate setting, and is a must see-gig for fans of Joy Division, The Brian Jonestown Massacre & The Black Angels.
The KVB perform at The Joker, Tuesday 21 November. For more information, please click here.

Image credit: SKiNNY MiLK/ via Facebook
Psychedelic punk duo SKiNNY MiLK headline this cracker of a show. These guys have been building up a solid following in recent years thanks to their high-energy, psych-filled shows and an in your face, self-titled first EP. They haven’t sat back since this first release though, they followed it up with a second EP, ‘Daydream’ (released earlier this year). Now with their latest release, a fuzz-fuelled powerhouse of a single ‘Creature’, they’ve got some real momentum going. This will be a loud, sweaty gig of bliss.
SKiNNY MiLK perform at the Quadrant, Saturday 25 November. For more information, please click here.


Image credit: James Wolf Photography
CHILDCARE’s latest single ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)’ includes contrasting vocal melodies to give it an odd, comical edge that works really well within their style. Lyrically, this is a really endearing band too. Topics such as heartbreak and death are delved into in such a way that switches between serious and comical, reflecting their devil-may-care attitude. As a whole, CHILDCARE’s tracks are really fun, and a breath of fresh air to the ‘indie’ genre which will fans of Franz Ferdinand, OhBoy! and The Big Moon will love.
Childcare perform at The Prince Albert, Monday 27 November. For more information, please click here.

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