The Best Immersive Theatre Shows in London 2020

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Immerse yourself in some enthralling interactive theatre

Distract yourself from the hailstorm of bad news by immersing yourself in some of the most enthralling interactive theatre London has to offer!

United Queendom at Kensington Palace

Immersive theatre aficionados Les Enfants Terribles are storming through Kensington Palace to create a royal feast for the eyes. The show features two interactive storylines that follow Queen Caroline and her husband's mistress, Lady Henrietta Howard. Both women rebelled against the strict royal etiquette and chaos ensued. You’ll experience high levels of royal shenanigans while you delight in the flamboyance of the sumptuous 18th Century costumes and opulent setting of Kensington Palace.

February 28 - March 30

Human Traffic Live at Printworks London

The pivotal 90’s Brit flick Human Traffic has been transformed into an all night theatrical experience! Recreating the vibe, venues and mood of 1990’s club life, this dramatic clubbing experience is not just an immersive theatrical version of the movie’s highlights, there is also an exhibition of 90’s culture curated with the Youth Culture Archives, a 3,000 capacity high-end food and bar pop up, and a party after each performance, featuring sounds from a different live musical genre each night including orchestras, bands and DJs.

May 22 - June 13

Crooks 1926 at King William IV, Elephant and Castle

Submerge yourself in Elephant and Castle’s cockney criminal underbelly of 1926 where you will find yourself embroiled in one gangster family’s bloody battle for complete control. Lend a hand in organising the territorial takeover of London by allying yourself with the devious West End Boys or take the side of Italian Godfather Sabini. You can scheme with outlaws, have your fortune told, and bet on the boxing. The grimy reality of 1920’s gang warfare has never been closer.

February 12 - March 29

The Invitation at Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel

Expect mystery, intrigue and murder in this scintillating 360-degree experience! Once you purchase your ticket, or rather, your invitation, you’ll be given secret instructions to gain access into a unique underworld of masks. Once there, you may become a suspect for murder or a part of the detective team deciphering the killing. Either way, you will become an integral part of the story. The show has been labelled ‘Eyes Wide Shut meets SE7EN’ by the critics, and the production sold out in Hong Kong, so grab tickets while you can!

February 9 - April 5

Described as “the crystal maze on crystal meth” this all-new interactive clue hunt combines murder mystery, immersive theatre and escape room strategy, all interweaved with a side-splitting surreal storyline! The show is a comic twist on Lewis Carroll’s seminal story: as you enter the New Wonderland, you’ll have to bid, barter, bribe and blackmail your way to win precious ‘gold’ which Russell the smoking caterpillar has locked away. You’ll meet lots of kooky characters including Turmeric Gin, the alchemist who is desperately searching for her treasured dodo!

February 22 - August 20