Love Motion Festival, with Grace Jones, Roisin Murphy and more - at Crystal Palace Park

26 July 2024 Crystal Palace Park

A vibrant, colorful graphic features a mosaic disco ball with radiating light beams at the center. The words LOVE MOTION are displayed in bold, white letters at the top, and Grace Jones is similarly displayed at the bottom. The background has pink, orange, and blue hues.

An electric day festival at Crystal Palace Park sees old and new come together for an intergenerational mash-up. 

Here's a big one. A day festival, hosted in the glorious Crystal Palace Park, with one stage hosting four frankly massive acts: Horse Meat Disco, Dimitri From Paris, Roisin Murphy, and, biggest of all, the Grace Jones. That's right. 'Iconic' is an insulting understatement.

Horse Meat Disco throw some of the best parties in London, and have been for years (their queer nights at the Eagle come highly recommended). Dimitri From Paris' DJ sets make excellent hunting grounds for new and exciting tunes, and while Roisin Murphy may be seen as an off-kilter choice given the dance-oriented acts, she serves as an ideal lay-up for Grace Jones

Do we need to tell you about Grace Jones? Thought not. I'd say 'if you know, you know', but I trust you already know. Tickets come for an incredibly reasonable £55, averaging about £13 per artist if you wanted to break it down like that.