Minoru Nomata Continuum

10 July 2024 to 24 August 2024 White Cube Mason’s Yard

A painting featuring an abstract wooden scaffold structure with interlocking beams against a cloudy sky backdrop. The composition consists of geometric shapes arranged in a seemingly random yet structured manner.

Japanese artist Minoru Nomata’s first solo presentation in London.

White Cube Mason’s Yard is pleased to present Japanese artist Minoru Nomata’s first solo presentation in London, following his first UK solo institutional show at De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, in 2022.
Born in 1955, Nomata was raised in Tokyo’s industrial district of Meguro during a period of rapid urban and economic growth in Japan. Fascinated by the city’s expanding metropolis, he has spent the past four decades creating a lexicon of imaginary buildings, structures and monoliths that celebrate the machine aesthetic and ingenuity of structural design throughout the ages. 
Nomata’s paintings are influenced by the ambience of generative electronic music and the landscapes of retro-futuristic science fiction films and literature. Since the 1980s, the artist has structured his body of work through series, each completed over nearly two years, beginning with his earliest series ‘Still’.
In his latest exhibition, which expands upon the ‘Continuum’ series first shown at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in 2023, he depicts immense hydrological formations – icebergs, frozen waterfalls and glaciers – interacting with manmade mechanical interventions. Transcending specifics of time and place, Nomata places mortal endeavour in contention with the sublime forces of nature, a preoccupation visible throughout his practice.
The exhibition opens at White Cube Mason’s Yard, London, on 10 July and continues until 24 August 2024.

Further Information:  Minoru Nomata | White Cube