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There are so many reasons to like Turkish restaurants – the standard of food is pretty consistently great; the recipes have been handed down from generation to generation; there’s always enough food to take home for lunch the next day; it won’t bankrupt you; and generally, they brighten up even the gloomiest winter day. Here’s’s pick of London’s best 10 Turkish restaurants.

The Counter

Bean stew with white broad beans in a tomato sauce laid on a wooden table with large silver spoon
The Counter

108 Golborne Rd, London W10 5PS

This is an upmarket Turkish grill restaurant in Nottinghill and takes its distinct taste inspirations mainly from the Southeastern Anatolia region. The Counter’s menu is product-oriented and seasonal, and dishes are cooked on the open-fire charcoal grill in the middle of an open counter. 

There’s a tempting menu of small and ‘main event’ plates, some hot, some cold.  Expect to see some Turkish favourites, but with a twist – Babaganoush with chocolate, humus with medjool dates and cinnamon infused fava beans. The mains are meaty, as you’d expect, and include Koftas, kebabs and chops.  The lamb chops are delicious!

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image credit Gokyuzu

26–28 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, London N4 1LG

Branches also in: Walthamstow, Finchley, Kentish Town and Chingford.

Green Lanes in Harringay is a long road dedicated to Turkish restaurants and the smell of freshly grilled meats permeates the surrounding neighbourhood. There are many good restaurants to choose from but one of the best is Gokyzuzu.   

Dating back to 1999 and set up by the current owners’ parents and uncle, they remain dedicated to original Turkish recipes (from their grandparents’ kitchen) and the same quality suppliers. Their grilled meat full platters containing shish, kebab, doners and wings – are a true feast and perfect for sharing. Everything is big, including the wraps in home-baked bread, so definitely go hungry.

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Mangal 1

two meat kebabs on skewers lined up, a tomato, lemon slice and red dipping sauce
image credit: Mangal 1

10 Arcola St, London E8 2DN

Mangal is legendary in East London.  Their website boasts well-known chefs, including Jamie Oliver and Ottelenghi, providing testament to how “amazing” and ‘World-class” their grilled meat and homemade bread is.  

The restaurant based is a true open charcoal grill restaurant (ocakbasi) and a world away from the average British kebab house; though it’s down to earth and don’t expect posh décor. Do expect authentic Turkish flavours, amazingly succulent meats, and a great smell as you walk through the door.

There’s an eat in or take away menu.


six Baklava cakes on a dark blue plate and 2 by the side on white paper
Lottie Griffiths

Grand Parage, 45-46 Green Lanes, Harringay London N4 1AG

Another great Green Lanes restaurant in Harringay which prides itself on the quality of its homebaked flat bread – ‘not too doughy and generously topped.’ Starters include a richly flavoured, kelle paca (lamb soup), lahmacun, the standard dips and other, unabashedly basic goodies: sahanda sucuklu yumurta…

The dishes are true to the flavours of the region, with the mixed mezze including familiar items such as tabule and grilled aubergines along with more unusual dishes such as spiced lentil koftes.

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FM Mangal

White plate full of Turkish food - read meat, white flatbread, green peppers, rice and tomato
credit image: FM Mangal

54 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8QZ

FM Mangal is one of the most well known Turkish Restaurants in London. Now located in South East London, the original restaurant opened on Upper Street in Islington.

It’s now famed throughout the city not just for its kebabs but its incredible bread, which is infused with mighty meat juice. Vegetarians have even been known to turn a blind eye to this special recipe, such is the power of this bread's deliciousness. It is possible to keep yourself on the straight and narrow here too, with ace veggie moussaka and imam bayildi, as well as the usual suspects of adana and beyti.  There’s a big menu, as you’d expect, with a wide selection of chicken, lamb, fish, salad and veggie dishes to keep you returning weekly.

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Cirrik 19

A row of griddled chicken breast stuffed on flat bread and green peppers, tomatoes at the side
Cirrick 19

Cirrik Restaurant, 34 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XJ

Cirrik was founded over 20 years in Dalston. Named after a famous South Eastern Turkish bird, once booked on the Ocakbasi barbecue, this East London joint is a popular choice with the local hipsters. It’s not a glamorous diner, but it’s authentic and the recipes traditional.  

There’s a huge sizzling grill – the lamb spareribs are divine alongside the chargrilled mint lamb with garlic yoghurt, tomato sauce and drizzle of butter.  The thin-based yet fluffy pide (flat bread to you and I) is perfect for scooping up the Ali Nazik – smoked aubergine dip and a whole lot more besides.   

There’s also a nice selection of Vegetarian and vegan dishes to sink your teeth into.

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Selection of Turkish dishes on white table with red dipping sauce

29-31 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Harringay Ladder, London N4 1LG

Hala is another Turkish restaurant on Green Lanes. We said this street was a mini Turkish food paradise, didn’t we?

Hala is one of the most authentic and best Turkish restaurants on the strip. Established in 2002 there’s a vast selection of sharing platters, meat from the grill and delicious home-cooked hot starters.  There’s a wide variety of testy hot oven specials with flat bread, including Kiymali Pide – minced lamb and fresh tomatoes and Peynirli – feta cheese with tomatoes and peppers. They are enough to brighten-up a gloomy day in North London.

They’re open from 8am and serve a mean Turkish breakfast.

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Diyarbakir Kitchen

Many Turkish food dishes in round bowls - meat, aubergine, humous, peppers on a wooden table.

52-53 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, London N4 1AG

Named after an Anatolian city, this is another Green Lanes favourite. The restaurant provides exceptional value and you’ll get a lot of food for your money – even if the service feels a little hurried.   The enticing smell of sizzling meat hits as you walk through the doors.

Dishes are flavoursome, tuck into fresh vibrant salads, Turkish pizza with Turkish toppings, buttery home-made bread, superb lahmacun, and, of course, juicy, chargrilled kebabs.  Chicken sis, served with grilled tomatoes, green peppers, rice and salad, also hit the spot.

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Shredded Turkish meat on flat bread with white onion, coriander and slice of lemon
engin akyurt

113-115 Cockfosters Road, London, EN4 0DA

Award winning Skewd tucked away in Cockfosters, NE London was awarded the best Fine Fining British kebab awards in 2019!  Skewd’s entire ethos is centred around ingenuity and innovation. From their molasses to their meats, everything is carefully sourced.  

The delectable menu is a cut above most Turkish restaurants, serving up baby octopus in smoked paprika and coal fired prawns in garlic and ginger marinade amongst its starters.   The mains are cooked over British woodlands coal and served with a salad. Our favourites include: Lamb shish on smashed eggplant with hung yogurt, tender lamp chops and the vegetarian skewer with a sweet pomegranate molasses and Sumak.  

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Fez Mengal

Lots of colourful Turkish dishes - dips, meat, salad on a wooden table

104 Ladbroke Grove, London W11 1PY

This is a cute little café/restaurant in West London.   Don’t be afraid of the queue as the service is super efficient and you’ll be seated in no time.

While you wait, get the juices flowing by watching Fez’s meat maestros as they rotate the hefty barbecue skewers and shave slices off the own-made doners. They’re also dab hands when it comes to grilling whole fish (try the sea bass)