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Top 5 Best Burgers in London

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The best, wildest and craziest baps and patties in the capital

Forget green eating and no-carb diets… sometimes all we need is a big juicy burger to sink our teeth into. We've searched far and wide for the king of all comfort foods, and curated a list of the burgers you and your tastebuds deserve.

Breakfast burger at ROAST, Borough Market

You can start National Burger Day straight out of bed with a Breakfast Burger at ROAST in Borough Market. Sitting upon a toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel is a Bavarian smoked pork patty, topped with a towering combination of crispy maple bacon, Portobello mushroom, tomato & pepper relish, and kale, all garnished with a perfectly runny fried hens egg.

The Breakfast Burger at ROAST is £14.75.

The award-winning Veni-Moo makes is onto literally any best burger list in London, and for good reason. Coming from Scottish produce aficionados Mac & Wild, the Veni-Moo combines an expertly charred venison steak with a juicy pink interior, paired with a beef patty (because all the best burgers are doubles), enveloped in perfectly melted cheese, intriguingly rich and buttery béarnaise sauce and sweet caramelised onions.

The Veni-moo at Mac & Wild, Soho & City is £11.50.

Hot smoked pork belly cheeseburger at Coin Laundry, Exmouth Market

Another luxurious option, this is unlike any cheeseburger you've ever had before. As well as the tasty cheese drenched beef patty, you'll also get a smoked pork belly stacked on top of it, all drenched in red onions and tangy kohlrabi pickle, served with delicious fried potatoes.

The Hot smoked pork belly cheeseburger at Coin Laundry is £13.50.

Mayfair bar Smith & Whistle is ensuring its canine patrons don’t miss out on National Burger Day, by adding The Quarter Hounder to its menu - a special burger just for dogs! The Quarter Hounder has been created in collaboration with dog nutritionist Peter Jackson to ensure it is both tasty and healthy for man’s best friend. The sweet potato bun is filled with chicken breast, kale and tomato, with the optional addition of cheese. The new dish will be available on the terrace and in the main bar from today for one week only, and will be offered to dogs completely free of charge when ordered with a human burger.

The Quarter Hounder at Smith & Whistle is free for dogs when ordered with a human burger.

The Special at Flat Iron

Flat iron techinally specialize in steaks and this burger is strictly a special - but if it is written up on the Flat Iron blackboard, order it! They mince the patty on site from the same meat they use for their steak and it’s gloriously good and beautifully rich. The sesame seed-covered bun is toasted and underneath is Béarnaise sauce. This is the genius of the Flat Iron burger: frankly, it's an inspired touch. Others should take note.

The Flat Iron burger is £10.