Where to Drink: Bubble Tea in London

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© Mooboo Bubble Tea

Pop boba to your heart's content

London's love for bubble tea - the Taiwanese treat of tea drinks with tapioca pearls, popping boba or other jellies added to it - doen't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon. Here are the best places to pop pearls to your heart's content.

Gonuts Bubble Tea

What? Small but mighty local tea-stop

Where? Holloway Road

Why? Tasty teas in adventurous or trad flavours - both at reasonable prices - make this an obvious choice for bubble-lovers, but what pushes it into a higher tier is the super-friendly service and warm atmosphere


What? Bubble tea chain with fun flavours

Where? Camden Town

Why? This little café is more than it looks from the outside - its interior, though tiny, is brightly coloured and filled with all the cuteness its name might imply. The tea is good too - try the piña colada flavour

Candy Café

What? Internet café supplying students with endless tea

Where? Chinatown

Why? This is where to go if you really want to get into a buzzing tea shop vibe - it’s never empty and there’s always something going on


What? Freshly-brewed (and never stewed) boba tea for all

Where? Soho, South Ken and Westfield

Why? Biju’s motto is fresh, fresh, fresh: organic milks and natural fruit boba only, please! Plus, they deliver. What’s not to like?

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

What? Slightly higher-end boba

Where? Across the city from Bond Street to Mile End

Why? This is what might be touted as the real deal - and their specialty winter melon flavours aren’t to be missed