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Bring rural life to the city with these top London city farms...

We can all agree that sometimes we need to get away from the concrete jungle of London, and many of us will be craving a little rural escape. But what if you don't have the time or the means to travel out of the city? Well, there's always a plan B; why don't you check out the wildlife and farm life that the capital has to offer and no, we don't mean bin-diving foxes, your waddling pigeon or your neighbours sourpuss cat. You'd be surprised to find that London has a whole array of city farms and livestock you can witness up close and personal. From llamas to rare sheep, goats to meerkats. It's a great way to see animals without going beyond the M25. 

So grab a pal or the littl'uns and head on over to one of our recommendations for some much needed animal therapy and grounding. 

Mudchute Park & Farm via Facebook

Mudchute Park And Farm

Pier St, London E14 3HP

Located in the middle of the Isle of Dogs, Mudchute Park and Farm is the largest urban farm in London, covering over 32 acres with open parkland. There's a plethora of activities to enjoy here, from a duck pond to a petting zoo (perfect when in need of some animal therapy), an Equestrian Centre that is a riding school for all ages and accessible in all weather, luscious green fields and an ampitheatre that comes alive throughout the summer. 

They're a farm that are passionate about educating the community, so they also offer interesting courses for you to sign up to at minimal fees. Currently there's a chicken keeping course on offer. How clucking awesome!

Needless to say, Mudchute really offers and escape from the city and an immersion into wildlife and nature. Admission is free so you don't have to dig deep in any pockets to access it, and it's open all year round.

Hackney City Farm

1a Goldsmiths Row, London E2 8QA

What used to be a brewery is now a cherished farm. Hackney City Farm has been in operation for over 35 years, initially beginning as a simple initiative that has slowly been supported and brought to life by local members of the community with the aim of providing youngsters and local people the opportunity to experience farming, right in the heart of the city. 

It's primary focus is education, whether that be through its pottery studio and garden, its vegetable box collection scheme, courses on low-impact living, and beekeeping, courses for asylum seekers and refugees, or its unique schooling programme. Phew, that was a lot to get down; however, it's evidenced here that Hackney City Farm is a community orientated organisation that really wants to give back. 

It's also home to some much loved animals; sheep, pigs, ducks, rabbits ... the list goes on. Make sure you take some time to check out the butterfly house too! Just remember, if there's a specific animal that you want to check out, it's always best to call ahead as the livestock moves between Hackney and another farm in Kent. 

Entry to the farm is free, but we always encourage you to find a way to support, why not show some love (to the farm and yourself) by grabbing a bite to eat or purchasing some fresh farm eggs from their shop

For more information on what's on at the farm, click here.

Vauxhall City Farm

165 Tyers St, London SE11 5HS

Both an oldie and a goldie. Vauxhall City Farm has been around since 1977 and prides itself on offering educational, recreational and therapeutic activities for its guests. However children are the primary focus here. Their aim is to encourage people from all communities to experience nature, enhance their health through knowledge, and well-being. In a deprived area, strengthening community cohesion is paramount or the charity. Through simple means they're really able to make a difference, so supporting the farm by attending and donating is the least we can do!

The farm is home to over 100 animals, with options of seeing, petting and cuddling some cute critters. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even volunteer to be a farmer for the day

If you're near to the farm and want to invest in a regular, affordable activity, why not give their riding school a go? And if you're struggling for a way to donate, why not visit their online shop, whether you can decide if you'd rather buy a t-shirt or adopt an alpaca!

Spitalfields City Farm

Buxton St, London E1 5AR

Spitalfields City Farm has been making a positive change in Londoners lives since 1978. It began as a response to locals in need of allotment space, and slowly grew through it's initiative to promote animal welfare, farming practices and education. Nestled between skyscrapers and tower blocks, this ex railway goods depot has flourished into an urban oasis just minutes from Brick Lane and Shoreditch. So if you're fed up of rummaging around for vintage finds, then why not swap them for some fresh vegetables? 

Whether you're looking to grow and/or pick some veg, to visit one of their many adorable animals, or even to get involved somehow, Spitalfields farm is truly a rewarding enviornment to immerse yourself into.

Stepney City Farm

Stepney Way, Stepney Green, London E1 3DG

In 1979, a group of residents in the East of London gathered together to set up a community farm on a derelict bomb site after WWII and managed to turn a disaster into a dream. In current times Stepney City Farm works towards providing both children and adults with the opportunity to meet farm animals, learn about farming, growing vegetables and wellbeing, and participate in several different kinds of workshops. 

The Furry Tale's initiative works towards bringing individuals together from different generations and animals to tackle isolation and loneliness in Tower Hamlets. 

Sunday's are the day to look forward to with this farm, as they host a popular farmers' market that sells all kinds of fresh produce such as meat, fish, cakes, eggs and arts and crafts. There's also an arts centre where you can visit the resident artists and check out their work, or even get involved and learn something from them whilst participating in your own artistic venture. 

Whatever you choose to visit at the Stepney City Farm will bring a sensation of wholeness, education and grounding to your day. 

To read more about their upcoming events, click here.