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Richmond Park London via Facebook

Slide into the new year with a leisurely stroll in one of London's most beautiful parks...

There's nothing better after an indulgent festive season than to take a brisk walk in one of London's beautiful parks. Surrounded by greenery you're certainly not short of fresh air and city views. But with so many to choose from, where to start? We've selected the most picturesque parks in London so that you can start your year actively and beautifully...

Hyde Park

If we're speaking of parks, Hyde Park may be just the place to start. Nestled in the centre of London it's a hub of 350 acres of greenery, vibrancy and creativity. Stretching from Kensington Palace to Mayfair, the park not only encompasses an hour loop walk but plenty of spots for you to soak in the crisp winter air. There are a few must-see spots. From Speakers Corner where protesters, spoken word poets and passionate individuals go to speak their minds; The Serpentine where brave swimmers endure the cold; the Princess Diana memorial, and woodland trails where you can catch a glimpse of budgies and dragonflies. 

It's a park of activity, freedom and relaxation and there's lots to explore. If you're heading there right at the beginning of the year, why not check out Winter Wonderland before it's stint ends? 

The park is open from 5am till midnight.

Holland Park

Holland Park, Ilchester Pl, London

With 54 acres of land, Holland park can seem unassuming at first; but take a closer look and you will stumble across the most picturesque garden that you never expected to see. The Kyoto Garden really is a hidden gem here, cradled in colourful trees, a stepped waterfall that spills to a pond decorated with gentle koi and the occasional peacock, there is truly the essence of serenity here. Take some time to ground yourself as you step into the new year. 

Of course, the Kyoto Garden isn't the only visual joy, with the formal Dutch Gardens and the old Jacobean Holland House also being a great stopping point on your stroll. For the little ones, there's a giant adventure playground and a New Design Museum that can be found at the corner of the park. 

Opening times: open daily, 7.30am–30 minutes before dusk

Richmond Park

Richmond, United Kingdom

If the sheer size of Richmond Park doesn't rope you in, the free roaming red and fallow deer will. There's over 2500 acres to stroll through, making it London's largest nature reserve. Wander through the ancient oaks or peer above them through a protected view that lets you look out all the way to St. Pauls Cathedral from King Henry's Mound. The landscape isn't only occupied by deer, If you fancy a woodland fantasy, why not explore the plethora of plants at the Isabella Plantation followed by a light refuel of tea and cakes at Pembroke Lodge.

The best part about visiting Richmond Park over the winter period is assuredly the sunsets. With so much wide open land and greenery, they're truly a magnificent sight. On a clear day, catch the array of colours painting the sky. Whichever way you decide to enjoy, this park is full of instagrammable sites and imagery and hours of walking paths. 

The park is open 24 hours to pedestrians except Nov and Feb; 7.30am–8pm during the deer cull

Horniman Museum and Gardens via Facebook

Horniman Gardens

Amroth Cl, London SE23 3BX

More of an interactive and immersive choice (which is great for little ones too!) is the Horniman Gardens. Deliberately educational and directly attached to the museum, there are a bunch of gardens, meadows and displays within to choose from, enjoy, learn from and become immersed in. 

Get hands on in the sound garden with giant xylophones and other world instruments. Wander through the wildlife garden where, if you're lucky, you may come across a fox or two. Or trudge through the prehistoric garden, where you can learn about plant species that have been about for thousands of years (maybe i'll take on of those as my next house plant if they fare the test of time so well!). The impressive displays of multitudes of plants with both medicinal and functional properties are bound to keep you busy. And what better way to start the new year than with a spot of new information? 

If you're feeling a little fresh why not head inside and explore the museum? Entry is free and a it's a great place to carry on the educational fun. 

You can download a map of the gardens here.

Opening times: Mon–Sat 7.15am–dusk, Sun 8am–dusk

Chiswick house and gardens via facebook

Chiswick Gardens

Burlington Ln, Chiswick, London W4 2RP

A landscape and design experiment by designer William Kent, Chiswick Gardens were one of the first where the reigns were loosened on the fusiness of formal gardens introducing a more 'natural' feel. Having said that, this was in the 1720's so to us, this park is one of the most regal looking aside from palace gardens, though it does have its own Grade I listed monument, known as Chiswick house. It's decorated with sweeping lawns, soothing lakes, temples and monuments, statues and secret gardens within. It really is a visual treasure trove.

It's especially magical in the winter. If bad weather arises you can find shelter under a clear conservatory, decorated with an intricate camelia collection. If the weather does happen to act in your favour, the grounds are as glorious as they are in the summer season. 

Every now and then the park hosts wonderful events. You can heck out what's on here.

Opening times: open daily, 7am–dusk