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What to Do When You’ve Fallen Out of Love with London

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Been stuck in a tourist traffic jam whilst trying to change tubes at Green Park? Check out our guide to falling back in love with London

London. The city we all love to hate. Accidentally buying a round at the pub costs £35, rent costs our entire salary and we all live within close proximity to Boris Johnson. This big and busy city can grind you down after a while. If you’ve ever stood on Oxford Street and seriously considered moving back to your sleepy hometown then check out our guide on how to fall back in love with London (and obviously leave Oxford Street, what are you even doing there in the first place?)…

Image credit: John Kelly via Flickr

Enjoy the view on a bridge

If the towering office blocks and dull green pavement slabs are getting you down, then head to one of London’s many beautiful bridges and soak up the view. Head to Waterloo Bridge in the sunshine and enjoy a quintessentially British skyline featuring the vast Houses of Parliament, towering London Eye and the bustling Southbank. Or enjoy one of London’s tourist attractions and stand on the bright blue Tower Bridge, marvelling at the feat of engineering and historic significance of this 130-year-old bridge. Let commuters and tourists bustle past you as you enjoy wonderful views across the Thames, soaking up all the stunning city landmarks.

Image credit: Ewan Munro via Flickr

Visit a park

The city may be very built up, but London certainly isn’t short of vast grassy spaces to help you return to nature. In fact, some of the city’s parks are so large that it’s easy to forget that you’re actually not in the middle of the British countryside. Head to Crystal Palace park and get lost (genuinely, it’s really difficult) in the charming maze, or check out the ridiculously inaccurate dinosaur models. Delve into the huge Hampstead Heath, taking a dip in one of the tree lined ponds. Gals, the peaceful and sheltered ladies’ pond is a wonderful spot to sunbathe and cool off on hot days. Finally, be sure to go out of your way and take the short trip to Richmond, where the sprawling park is full of deer and other wildlife! Why would this make you fall in love with London, I hear you ask! Well, unlike parks in the actual British countryside you can easily while away an afternoon in one of these outdoor spaces then return to city civilisation within half an hour!

Image credit: Karl Westworth via Flickr

Go consume some culture

Ok, so we know how easy it is to come home after a long day at work, stick Netflix on and accidentally watch Friends until it’s time to go to bed and get up for work again. But there’s so much culture to be enjoyed on your very doorstep, nights and events and shows that people travel for miles and miles to see. Go and see one of the big shows, (realistically, none of us have actually been to see Les Mis) seats in the gods for West End shows often don’t cost more than £20, and the shows are actually really good! Music lovers, sign up to Dice and trawl through tons of free or cheap gigs in and around the city, your best chance to see up and coming exciting acts in dingy backroom pubs. Or go see some fringe theatre, a show in a pub or a stand-up comedy show! There’s so much to go and do!!! Are you still watching Friends? We hope not!

Image credit: Borough Market via Facebook

Watch a classic film

…and by classic we mean anything by Richard Curtis. Films have been capturing the pretty English charm of London for as long as Hugh Grant has been in work. Sit down and enjoy the romantic charm of Notting Hill, the single-girl classic of Bridget Jones Diary or spot well known locations in the early 2000’s classic of Love Actually! Or you might want to enjoy a free day out visiting some of London’s famous filming locations; Greenwich’s Old Navel College (Thor), the Milbank SIS Building (Skyfall and Spectre) or perhaps a deserted Westminster Bridge at 6am on a Sunday (28 Days Later). These spots all act as great reminders of the amazing cultural significance of the city you call home.

Image credit: Frank's Cafe via Facebook

Go find somewhere new

The beauty of London is it’s essentially lots of small areas, each with a completely unique identity, that make up a huge city. If you’re sick and tired of the London you know, then go discover somewhere new. Perhaps you’re a born and bred East Londoner who rarely ventures south of the Thames… go check out East Dulwich or Camberwell. Enjoy the local eateries and tiny art galleries, eschewing the same old restaurant chains and tourist attractions you often frequent. Check out our guide to a day in South London here, or simply set off and explore somewhere completely brand new!

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