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Given how much happened last year, it’s no surprise that many of us feel a bit shell-shocked. 2020 was an unprecedented 12 months of drama; global elections, natural disasters, job losses and a virus that has swept many off their feet. The year has surely left a residue on all of us… I can see a wider need to reconnect with the simpler and deeper aspects of ourselves and this is where mindfulness comes in. Use these tools - apps, centre, courses and kits - to reclaim your mind, find peace, reflect on what’s happened and lock into the present as we head into a new decade…

1 Waking Up App - Sam Harris - link here

Sam Harris’s Waking Up App. Image via

Whilst I do want to suggest getting off our phones (or at least away from screens), Waking Up is undeniably an excellent resource to dive into when considering mindfulness. Created by neuroscientist & philosopher Sam Harris, this app is the continued development of an earlier book of the same title which helps us learn about our minds, gaining more control over our inner lives.

Download the Waking Up app here (free version available)

2 The Mindfulness Project (London)’s Online Courses - link here

The Mindfulness Project’s 8-week Self-Compassion Course starts 11th January. Image via Facebook.

It is possibly no surprise being somewhere as busy as London, but there are now a multitude of meditation and mindfulness centre in the capital. One of these is the non-profit organisation The Mindfulness Project which is based in Bloomsbury. Alongside a plethora of courses (some free, some paid), this online 8 week long self-compassion course is ideal for reducing anxiety and attaining greater solace.

Taught by Jiva with weekly Zoom classes.

Book onto the course here (the course runs from 6:30 to 9pm from the 11th January.)

3 Yinshi Meditation At Home Kits - Link here

Yinshi Superior Home Kit - a great tool for discovering calm in your home. Image via Yinshi website.

With the venue closing effects of COVID likely to be play well into the new year, there has been a huge increase in people wanting to meditate at home. Once a recluse from work, our homes are now a place where we do nearly everything - with work, paperwork, kids, admin and chores piling it up - it’s never been more important to shut a door - somewhere - and find quiet for a bit… Across three tiers of packages, Yinshi’s UK based founder Leigh is focused on the mission of making meditation easier and more accessible for everyone. Pictured above is the top of the range meditation package which includes a meditation cushion, blanket, aromatherapy roller oils, earplugs, guided meditation, a small succulent and a do-not-disturb sign. It’s really all you need to get started.

Check out the Yinshi kits here and enter YINSHIBLISS10 at checkout for £10 off (valid until 31.01.21)

4 Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Podcast - link here