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It’s a new year and more than that - a fresh decade. With new starts comes the option to reprioritise and refocus our time and values. In contrast with 2020, many will surely spend more time with friends and family that they distanced from - alongside enjoying the novelty of new and previously loved hobbies. We can, of course, also choose what goes into our homes and where we spend our money. I’ve decided to do my best to support small businesses this year; many of which struggled through 2020, pivoting and swerving around obstacles as they went. To make this easier - I’ve shortlisted some stunning online art shops that can help you find and connect with artists that can inspire the best year possible…

1 Etsy - The global marketplace for creative goods - link here

Was your stocking cruelly absent of fresh new socks? What a nightmare.

Socks via Boho

Department on Etsy

Etsy is now undoubtedly a household name. Boldly bearing the mission to ‘Keep Commerce Human’ the online seller operates around the world, boosting sales, visibility and accessibility for small local independent makers. As a massive marketplace, the competition is high (4,223 sellers at last count!), yet it is still very easy to find unique finds across any art form or craft you can imagine. Etsy is still a great place to support small creatives.

Unique find: Crushed Speckled Ceramic Vase

2 Arthaus - ‘The Prints Marketplace’ - link here

A colourful watercolour print by Katerina Izotova. Link to artwork here.

Arthaus is one-stop-shop for everything art prints. The platform enables creatives to set their own commission rates, enabling a fair sum for their work. A nice feature of the site is that for the majority of the artworks you can order the prints with frames; conveniently removing the hassle of sorting once delivered. If sending art as a gift - you can add a personalised note to the package which is nice touch. Sign up to email exclusive art drops here…

Unique find: Mikado by Tracie Andrews

Mon Pote’s Green Rani Paisley Bowl from Bloomingville. Also available in yellow. Link here.

A staple of Bristol’s North Street, Mon Pote has gone from strength to strength. Now with a capable and thriving online shop stocking a wide variety of local brands alongside Scandi favourites, the shop is bursting with candles, plant pots, books, prints and colourful homeware; the perfect destination to freshen your home.

Unique find: Goldrick’s biodegradable and compostable Laundry Soap

4 IamFY - ‘The most Intuitive shopping site on earth’ - link here

Circa 78 Designs - Boca Silhouettes Art Print - Link here

Much like Etsy, you can find almost anything on Iamfy’s vast reservoir of artistic talent. To get a sense and breadth of the sites pieces and aesthetics, visit Iamfy’s Instagram page which shows how you could potential design combinations. From clever shelves, forest fauna bedding, tiger throws I’m sure you can find something here that makes you smile.

Unique find: People from the Origin by Studio Inuat