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Image © Instagram via @maxymova

Culture Calling's Top 5 Artists of the Month

This month we would like to highlight the art of @maxymova a Ukrainian artist who fled her home in Lviv and is now selling her incredible works to help the Ukrainian people and army.

Please visit @maxymova for further information on how to purchase or donate.

Iryna Maksymova

Image © Instagram via @maxymova

Please visit Iryna's instagram @maxymova to see how you can support Ukraine by purchasing some of her artwork or donating straight to the Ukrainian army.

Will Martyr

Image © Instagram via @wmartyr

Check out Will's instagram @wmartyr to explore more of his insanely detailed and beautiful paintings. 

Sthenjwa Luthuli

Image © Instagram via @sthenjwa_luthuli

Visit @sthenjwa_luthuli on instagram for more of his visually striking artwork.

Amy Beager

Image © Instagram via @amybeager

Visit her instagram @amybeager for more of her vivid paintings.

AnneMarie Laureys

Image © Instagram via @annemarielaureysceramics

Visit or her instagram @annemarielaureysceramics for more information and to explore her stunning work.