A White Cube Online exhibition of works by artist Rachel Kneebone

5 February 2021 to 14 March 2021Visit website

5 February to 14 March 2021
This online exhibition at the White Cube, presenting British artist Rachel Kneebone’s sculptural pieces, focuses on the fleeting moment of pause between stillness and movement. Each piece is titled after a dance gesture, expressed through her signature material of porcelain. The sculptures capture bodies in motion, forming a connection with the artist Robert Morris as well as with avant-garde dancers and choreographers, such as Mary Wigman.

Kneebone’s sculptures are part of a series originally produced for an The Dance Project, an exhibition and performance made in collaboration with choreographer TC Howard. The body extending in space is a fundamental motif in Kneebone’s sculptures, with fluid forms of the body entwined with long winding lengths of ribbon and tendrils to create complex and dynamic compositions. She uses singular parts of the body which multiply and mutate throughout the sculpture to express movement and fluidity. 
To discover more about Rachel Kneebone’s sculptures, click here to view the exhibition.

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