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Black Comedy ‘Snowflakes’ Re-announced!

28 September 2021 to 16 October 2021

“Think of us like the active hand of impotent rage.”

How far would you go to right a wrong? Snowflakes takes Cancel Culture quite literally to question ideas of morality, revenge and justice. This sci-fi black comedy resonates in various directions, implicating questions about the potency of social media, female empowerment and how characters earnestly confront trauma.

“Marcus and Sarah work for a very special start-up. They don’t work in a shared office. They don't sell locally sourced, gluten-free coconut water. They do the job that so many people call out for in the comments section. So, outsource your rage, disgust and vitriol and let’s get to the truth before the media storm blows over. They may not based in a co-working space but they do have an app: Justice isn’t blind, it’s streamed to millions. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!”

Making his writing debut, Robert Boulton (False Choices, King’s Head Theatre; Baked Beans) will also star in Snowflakes as Marcus alongside Niamh Finlay (Gutted, The Marlowe Theatre and UK Tour; Everything that Rises Must Dance, Complicité) as Sarah and Henry Davis (Hanna, Amazon Prime, The Essex Serpent, Apple TV) as Tony.

Robert Boulton comments, “My favourite stories have always been dark, twisted and morally dubious - what that says about me as a person, God only knows. I want to make people laugh through the darkness; I don’t respond well to moral preaching or superiority and don’t expect an audience to. I’m flitting somewhere in between terror and excitement to see how the audience responds. I hope Snowflakes is a relevant, if irreverent, riff on contemporary society, not just examining the problems we’re encountering now and where we might be going; but also asking where we want to be when and if we solve these problems. Then again, maybe not.”

Dates: Tuesday 28th September – Saturday 16th October, 19:30 Saturday matinee, 2pm.

Location: The Old Red Lion Theatre, 418 St John St, Islington, London EC1V 4NJ

Tickets are £17.50 with concessions at £13.50.