Bloomberg New Contemporaries

19 January 2024 to 14 April 2024 Camden Art Centre

A celebration of exciting new artistic talent in the UK returns to Camden Art Centre

Camden Art Centre is delighted to welcome New Contemporaries back to its galleries after more than 20 years. Bloomberg New Contemporaries features 55 of the most exciting artists emerging from UK art schools and alternative peer-to-peer learning programmes, selected by internationally renowned artists Helen Cammock, Sunil Gupta and Heather Phillipson.

The resulting exhibition offers a distinctive snapshot of current artistic concerns and approaches spanning a breadth of disciplines and presents an important picture of emerging artistic practices: taking the pulse of contemporary art and the urgent lived concerns that are driving artists in the UK today. Featuring 55 of the most exciting emerging artists in the UK today, Alastair Sooke gave the exhibition four stars in The Telegraph, Eddy Frankel selected nine artists as unmissable in TimeOut, and Will Jennings described the show as a "cacophony of creativity" in Plaster magazine.

New Contemporaries Roundtable: Exchange In the Building, 9 March

Join this round table discussion that will explore forms of exchange and how this can create space for collectivity, empowerment, participation, shared experience, and connection. 

New Contemporaries: Online Platform, On Demand

Learn more about the artworks in New Contemporaries by visiting the online platform that accompanies the exhibition.

Public Knowledge: Jack Sheen Croon Harvest In the Building 8 Feb

Operating on the blurred lines between a concert performance and a sculptural installation, Croon Harvest by Jack Sheen centres on the voice’s most hushed, unprojected state, creating a gentle tapestry of mumbled lamentations, vocal fry, and white noise. 

Public Knowledge: Anteaesthetics In the Building 29 Feb, 7pm

Anteaesthetics challenges the notion that blackness can find a place within the aesthetic framework of modernity, arguing instead that it forms both the foundation and the unresolvable paradox of representation.

Kinn, Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki, Flora Yin Wong, Ana Quiroga

In the Building 14 March

The darkness of matter is soundless—an event of re-shaping sound presented across four acts.

Transformative Futures In the Building

Transformative Futures, our free weekly arts collective, continues this month. Running each Saturday, workshops this term will be led by artists from our upcoming New Contemporaries exhibition. Free for those aged 15-25. 

From our Friends: Burnieshed Residency - Open Call

The project will include a series of pilot residencies in Spring/Summer 2024, alongside public events.

From our Friends: Tate Britain Art Now: Zeinab Saleh Until 23 June

Zeinab Saleh presents an intimate new series of paintings and drawings which trace both fleeting movement and suspended time. 

Further Information: Bloomberg New Contemporaries - Camden Art Centre