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Bloomsbury Festival 2020: Vision

16 October 2020 to 25 October 2020

Bloomsbury Festival is a diverse collection of socially distant events celebrating and showcasing the arts. This year’s festival has the theme ‘VISION’ and is ten days of performance spanning the WC postcode in the form of exhibition, online broadcast and outdoor events. 
This festival works alongside many partners, large and small to create its annual programme of theatre, dance, spoken word and cabaret to name a few. Filling the streets, parks, museums, galleries, public and private buildings, up to 130 events take stage as a place for show case, enjoyment and inspiration. For a more detailed itinerary, see their brochure here and listen to updates about the festival at Bloomsbury Radio 87.9FM.

Outside of the Festival, Bloomsbury provides community support and art projects the rest of the year. Engaging the entire community from children to the elderly in projects such as, Festival in a Box, which takes artists into the homes of people living with dementia to provide company and joyful activities. 
For more information and the Festival and Bloomsbury in general, visit


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