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Discover More About Roman Colchester This Summer

24 July 2021 to 6 January 2022 Book tickets

Roman Cremation Burial Group including miniature jet bear © Colchester Museums and Douglas Atfield

This summer visitors to Colchester Castle can learn more about life in Roman Colchester, Britain’s first capital city. 

The Castle’s new exhibition, Decoding The Roman Dead, will be unveiling the hidden stories of some of Roman Colchester’s earliest inhabitants and unlocking the world of life and death almost 2,000 years ago.

Using first of its kind scientific research, Colchester Museums along with experts from the University of Reading have decoded the lives of some of Colchester’s first inhabitants. By examining 40 of Colchester’s earliest residents who lived during a time of invasion, construction, and dramatic change, the team can now shed light on where these people came from in the Roman empire, what illnesses they lived with, and how they were cremated at their funerals. 

Over 200 objects associated with the burial of Colchester’s Roman Dead will feature in the exhibition alongside items from the Colchester Archaeological Trust including Roman burial goods that have never been on display to the public before. Visitors will also be able to see the mysterious burial vessels known as face pots, along other treasures including the famous Statue of Mercury. 

The exhibition is guaranteed to wow audiences and showcase ground-breaking research. This summer, put a trip to Colchester Castle on your to do list and immerse yourself in Colchester’s rich history. Delve beneath the skin of Britain’s earliest Romans and understand more about the way ancient families lived and cared for one another in life, and in death, in Roman Colchester.

Decoding The Roman Dead is family friendly and there will be plenty to entertain smaller guests!