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Familie Flöz to perform Feste at the London International Mime Festival

2 February 2023 to 4 February 2023 Peacock Theatre

Image © Simon Wachter

Set in a mansion by the sea, Feste depicts the lead-up to a wedding blown off-course by a storm. With Paradise troubled, the staff work tirelessly to ensure the contentment of their hosts, cooking, cleaning, preparing, while fighting for dignity from their upper-class employers. Described as ‘a fairy tale for adults’, Feste makes pantomime out of class struggle, following a post-Pandemic trend of ‘eat the rich’ media similar to recent Palme D’or winner Triangle of Sadness and other films such as The Menu and Glass Onion. However, using theatre, typically a reserve of the upper classes, to drive home a point about class inequality, becomes much more poignant.

There is of course much more to the play that a Marxist analysis; the quest for happiness and individual contentment against the uncontrollable forces is a universal theme, here expressing a myriad of emotions through static masks. In an oft-repeated quote from the director, “Masks set the imagination free. The viewer can create his own images undistracted by the actor’s facial expressions. The actor can make the experience richer. The mask is fixed. But as an actor I can make it laugh, cry… and make the audience laugh and cry.”

Come experience Feste by Familie Flöz on one of their several dates in early February before they bring the festivities to another city.