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Food: How Can I be a Good Citizen of the World?

14 February 2021 Book tickets

Free to view online, booking essential, 11:00
Suitable for ages 14 and older

We all need to eat, but almost none of us grow our own food.  Instead, we rely on a huge and almost hidden network which grows and transports our dinner from all over the world.  The plastic greenhouses in Spain, the giant dairy facilities, the vast cargo ships carrying bananas and the endlessly connected cold storage – all of these are essential but invisible.   

It’s time to shine a spotlight on these invisible networks and talk about the ethical and climate costs of the food we buy.  Does it make sense to transport food halfway across the world?  Do we have more, or less food than we need?  What do we really want to buy and eat? Do we know enough to decide what we actually want?  It comes down to the sort of world we want. If you are what you eat, who do we choose to be?

This is the third part of our series of online talks curated by Physicist Helen Czerski, looking at food, transport and equality in the context of climate change.
Part of Manchester Science Festival.

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