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From Nature

18 February to 18 April 2021, Informality

Informality presents it’s upcoming exhibition, From Nature, available to view online from 18th February. The exhibition will present a selection of works by seven contemporary artists from around the world who use materials as central contributors to how the work finds meaning.
The exhibition aims to educate the viewer on the significance of raw materials, showcasing their expressive material properties and how they can be used as a focus of a piece of art.  Materials used in the artist’s practices include coal, wood, root, bone pigment, slag, clay and the ocean. 

Featured artist Jesper Eriksson works with coal, drawing on its overlooked beauty and its value beyond the problematic history of its polluting destruction. Dutch artist Nienke Hoogvliet uses used toilet paper and sewerage wastewater in the exhibition, to stress the colossal amount of paper that is flushed down toilets each year. Her recycling of materials in her practice calls attention to environmental issues and shows direct action to improve matters through how her work is made. Peter Matthews works with the sea, painting with coastal materials as he records what he experiences in a stream-of consciousness manner, he even draws underwater so that; ‘the sea is depicting the sea itself'.

Informality’s gallery is currently closed, so the exhibition will run online and will be open to the public once lockdown restrictions ease.