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Gladiators: A Day at the Roman Games

15 July 2023 to 14 January 2024 Colchester Castle

After months of preparation the arena is now ready for a day of spectacles that will rival Rome’s Colosseum. Head back 2,000 years into the world of the gladiatorial arena in Roman Colchester!

Packed with artefacts from Colchester Museums’ collections and over 50 loans from around the country, including The British Museum, this exhibition reveals the reality of living, fighting and dying, for public spectacle. You’ll even be able to battle the beasts and gladiators yourself in our interactive Arena Battle game. Will you be victorious and win your freedom?

For your chance to WIN one of 5 Family Tickets to the exhibition enter our competition here.

Gladiators: The Roman Games | Colchester Museums (cimuseums.org.uk)

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