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Half a Roast Chicken and The Other Art Fair

13 October 2022 to 16 October 2022 The Old Truman Brewery

This October The Other Art Fair welcomes the wonderful Eve de Haan aka @halfaroastchicken, to take over the entrance with her powerful and electric work. Eve’s approach to neon and typography is punchy and tantalising, each sharing a different story, thought or catchphrase through short snippets of text. 

Based in London, it is an approach that developed out of her theology degree, where she realised encapsulating narratives through the written word was the best way to evoke collective emotions in an audience. Neon has allowed her to explore “how malleable definitions of words and phrases can be.” Eve’s artworks probe topics including technology, youth culture, and relationships.  

Eve takes inspiration from her everyday experiences, and she describes her practice as consolidating her thoughts and putting them out into the world. It’s through this avenue that she shares personal narratives, telling us that “expressing my experiences is part of my form of storytelling.” While her work only shares a short part of a story, she wants the viewer “to complete the story themselves.” On why it’s important to have this kind of connection with her audience, she adds: “I believe storytelling expands the imagination.” Storytelling, she continues, “is a way of carrying culture. I feel it is a vital part of my creative practice. Everything you create is a story, from beginning to end.

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