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Jane Lombard Gallery presents “Loose Ends” and “The Colour of Words II”

This event has expired!

30 June 2021 to 6 August 2021

Jane Lombard Gallery is pleased to present Loose Ends, a group exhibition celebrating women working in textiles. This collection will feature outstanding artists Kirsten Hassenfeld, Victoria Manganiello, Laura Marsh, Erin McQuarrie, Carolina Ponte, Aiko Tezuka and Ulla-Stina Wikander. It will explore the universal applicability of fabric, bridging cultural tradition with contemporary finesse. Textiles tell stories and are rooted in historical processes. The featured works from each contributing artist celebrate our entangled relationship with fabric, exploring its material processes as mechanisms for engaging with storytelling. Loose Ends celebrates textiles as infinite, within each loose thread lies the potential for a new connection.

Jane Lombard Gallery is also delighted to present solo exhibition The Colour of Words II by Jane Bustin. The Colour of Words II ruminates on Bustin’s practice-based research as a recipient of a residency award at the Mark Rothko Centre in Latvia during the summer of 2019.

For over a year now the colours have dimmed, as if a small amount of Davey’s grey had been added to everything around. The faded hours of time slipping by, like an old worn chiffon scarf between her fingertips. Everything taken away, still and quiet, a low-key unravelling, like some lost little Chopin trill. Yet, to be near and far, in fact 72 inches apart, Christina the Astonishing gripped her wand and kept her distance, her clothes porous to the droplets of pain expired by others, she wore, like nylon armour, the fluorescent tabard which screeched its warning waltz 
Come and go, come and go, come and go…” - Jane Bustin

The Colour of Words II will be so luminous and vibrant and will shake loose the grey, dull and dim days of the last 15 months.