Between Order and Chaos - Jordi Raga Frances at Messums Wiltshire

4 May 2019 – 9 June 2019 | Visit website Book tickets

Spanish artist and sculptor Jordi Raga Frances presents his first solo UK exhibition, demonstrating three new sculptures alongside some of his previously existing work. The captivating, playful forms that he has created combine his interest in historical architecture and the arts, and the specialisation of his study is focused on marble sculpture. He plays with the tension between absence and presence and the subject and object. 
Celebrating the opening of his exhibition, Frances will talk to a British audience about his work for the first time on 4 May. Come and learn about the inner workings and mentality of a sculptor exploring materiality and the physical relationship between chaos and order. 
“My reasons to carve are purely existential. I realise that I need order to express my views on existence and what makes us human. I want to say something truthful about the nature of life by using stone, my hands and my body. I want to probe the mysteries of being alive, the possibility of transcending the self, the limits of communication, as well the cultural alienation of living abroad. The need to leave ‘something behind’ and desire to become part of something bigger also plays a part.”- Jordi Raga Frances
Both the exhibition and talk are free, however register your interest here, or find out more.

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