Marina Abramović

23 September 2023 to 1 January 2024 Royal Academy of Arts

Marina Abramović Courtesy of the Marina Abramović Archives. © Marina Abramović
Marina Abramović has captivated audiences by pushing the limits of her body and mind, for the past 50 years. She has consistently tested the limits of her own physical and mental endurance in her work, subjecting herself to exhaustion, pain and even the possibility of death. This major exhibition presents key moments from her career through sculpture, video, installation and performance.

Marina Abramović’s performances have earned her worldwide fame. Her exhibition at the Royal Academy, gives us the opportunity to experience her pioneering work, from early works such as Imponderabilia, to later pieces like the durational performance The House with the Ocean View.

In her early work Rhythm 0, Abramovic invited audiences to freely interact with her however they chose – famously resulting in a loaded gun being held to her head. Her later work The House with the Ocean View saw the artist live in a house constructed in a gallery for 12 days. Held in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, the performance invited audiences to witness and share in the simple act of living.

In this exhibition works such as The Artist is Present will be strikingly re-staged through archive footage while others will be reperformed by the next generation of performance artists, trained in the Marina Abramović method. Live performance art can be both startling and intimate. For Abramović it also has the power to be transformative.

Different works will be reperformed during the run of the exhibition, so no two visits will be the same.

Curator talk with Marina Abramović: Wednesday 27 September 2023 6.30 - 7.45pm

Join Marina Abramović Hon RA and the RA’s Director of Exhibitions, Andrea Tarsia, to introduce this major exhibition of her most celebrated works. This conversation considers the future of live art and explores Abramović’s vision for the performance artists of the future.

Marina Abramović: free late opening 16-25 year olds: BNP Paribas AccessArt25: 14 October 6 - 9pm

Join us for an extraordinary night of free art, music, workshops and immersive experiences at the Royal Academy, to celebrate art world icon and performance art pioneer, Marina Abramović Hon RA, for 16-25 year olds.

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Marina Abramović: 23 September 2023 - 1 January 2024

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