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Mary Weatherford Exhibition, Train Yards

22 September 2020 to 19 December 2020

Gagosian presents Train Yards, an exhibition of paintings by Mary Weatherford, a Los Angeles-based artist. Weatherford is best known for her large-scale paintings, created with sponged paint and neon lighting tubes. The preparation of each canvas with a mixture of gesso and marble dust, combined with her application of paint gives a tangible, textured effect. 
Weatherford’s innovative use of colour and light is based on her direct experience of specific locations. She began using neon in 2012, inspired by the illuminated street signs in Bakersfield, California. The neon rods are screwed directly into the canvas and are connected by thin wires, giving a three-dimensional effect, whilst also appearing as hand-drawn lines.

Train Yards (2016-20), pursues Weatherford’s interest in places of urban life, such as sites of mass transportation. Her large-scale works are abstracted interpretations of the sites after dark, including a visual embodiment of environmental noise; the clanging of bells and whistles and the sound of trains. 
To view the exhibition at the gallery, you must schedule an appointment, in order to ensure safe social distancing. Go to the website

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