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Mosquitoes by Lucy Kirkwood

5 October 2022 to 15 October 2022 The Tower Theatre

Originally premiering in 2017 at the National Theatre, Mosquitoes is “a vast play of ideas” (Variety) by “a dramatist of dauntless ambition” (The Guardian). In 2008, as the Large Hadron Collider searches for the Higgs boson, tragedy throws two sisters together.

The collision threatens them all. Mosquitoes” is, primarily, a tale of two sisters. Alice is an experimental physicist working in Geneva, a tiny cog in the team searching for the Higgs Boson, the disappearing God Particle. She has a teenage son on the spectrum, Luke, who shares a depressive, destructive streak with the scientist father that walked out on them years before – a black hole in their lives.

Jenny is, in many ways, her sister’s opposite: a skittish homebody in a jumble of clothes, who smokes, drinks and sells health insurance over the phone. She’s an unhealthy mix of skepticism and superstition, a woman who trusts her horoscope more than her doctor. After years of IVF treatment, she lost her first child to measles, after refusing the controversial MMR vaccine despite all the evidence declaring it safe – with no link to autism.

The pair of them pull in two different directions: Alice is rational, Jenny goes with her gut. The two of them see the world very differently.


Alice : Rachel Bothamley
Jenny : Emily Carmichael
The Boson : Luke Owen
Luke : Andrew Mortimer
Natalie : Bella Hornby
Karen : Amanda Waggott
Henri : James Johnston
Journalist : Octavia Sheepshanks
Gavriella Bastianelli : Sofía García

Further Information: Mosquitoes - The Tower Theatre

Please note this play involves content some viewers may find distressing.