‘One in a Million’ Artwork Revealed at Danbury Country Park!

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Essex County Council is delighted to announce that the ‘Infinity Forest’ artwork, created by INSTAR, is now open for the public to view at the beautiful Danbury Country Park. This artwork is a magnificent, immersive, 3-metre tall ‘kaleidoscope’ of reflective surfaces which surround a Scots Pine tree sapling to create an internal Infinity Forest. Sam Kennedy, Essex County Council Director of Environment and Climate Action, said: “We are delighted with INSTAR and their ‘Infinity Forest’ artwork and we hope that many people visit Danbury Country Park and take time to enjoy and appreciate what is a unique installation.”

INSTAR is an arts partnership featuring amazing artists Trish Evans and Nick Humphreys who added “We are extremely pleased with the ‘Infinity Forest’ and we hope that it inspires visitors to want to discover more about the Essex Forest Initiative as well as the wider environment. Trees are vital for biodiversity, preventing flooding and providing a habitat for wildlife, which is why we hope that the ‘Infinity Forest’ encourages people to gain a greater understanding of the value of them and the environment in general.”

Don't miss out on the chance to view this ‘one in a million’ sapling by using the observation wholes to gain a unique perspective of the Scots Pine inside. Visit Danbury Country Park today! 

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