15 September 2023 to 21 October 2023 Southwark Playhouse Elephant

Gyuri Sarossy, Nathaniel Parker & Simon Chandler
It’s the close of World War II – the dawn of the atomic age. The Allies have captured Germany’s ten foremost nuclear scientists and sequestered them deep in the English countryside to ascertain the answer to a life-or-death question: how close are the Nazis to making an atomic bomb? The world stands on the precipice of creation and destruction, bound by the gravity of their decisions which hold the power to change the course of history.

Based on actual transcripts of secretly recorded conversations – Alan Brody’s gripping play delves into the darkest corners of human ingenuity, exploring the intimate conflict within the hearts and minds of luminaries with unimaginable power. A once-classified true story buried in the archives amidst an epic war, Operation Epsilon is a poignant, thrilling exploration of the ties that bind us to our actions, our decisions, and one another.

Directed by Andy Sandberg and featuring an exceptional cast of eleven, including: Nicholas Armfield, Jamie Bogyo, Simon Bubb, Simon Chandler, Matthew Duckett, Jake Mann, Nathaniel Parker, Peter Prentice, Leighton Pugh, Simon Rhodes and Gyuri Sarossy. This award-winning and thought-provoking play makes its UK première at Southwark Playhouse Elephant celebrating the 10th anniversary of the critically acclaimed US production.

Filled with explosive possibilities, Operation Epsilon shines a light on the ethical complexity of scientific discovery… and its potential for catastrophic consequences.


Writer: Alan Brody; Director Andy Sandberg; Set Designer: Janie Howland; Costume Designer/Associate Set Designer: Beth Colley; Lighting Designer: Clancy Flynn; Sound Designer: Chris Drohan; Casting Director: Lucy Casson

Operation Epsilon: 15 September – 21 October

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