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Our Little Lives: Shakespeare & Me

14 July 2021 Book tickets

LIVENow presents a playful production, Our Little Lives: Shakespeare & Me, performed by Russel Brand and directed by Ian Rickson. The show will be broadcast at 7:30pm July 14th ’21 and will be available on 24hr catch up. Tickets are now on sale on the LIVENow website. Our Little Lives: Shakespeare & Me is about Russell’s life, shown through the code of Shakespeare. An accessible delve into how the language of Shakespeare can be applied to modern life: using famous soliloquies to reflect universal issues through the lens of Russell’s personal experience. Both moving and hilarious in turn, the show will be filmed in front of a socially distanced audience at London's Almeida Theatre.

Russell Brand explains, "Collaborating with Ian Rickson (& Shakespeare) we (me, Ian, Shakespeare) have created a show that explores, meaning, ritual, theatre, shamanism, the power and ownership of language and the potential for culture to bring about real change. Plus there is a dog in it (my dog).”

Director Ian Rickson comments: “We embrace the fact that this is a show about Russell’s life, shown through the dynamic code of Shakespeare, and that it’s also very much concerned with language. Who does it belong to? Who has access to it? Who has a voice and who doesn’t? Also, how you ‘spell’ with it and what it does to consciousness. It has as its spine Russell’s own story, using potent moments from his life to illuminate and contextualise the choices of text"

Visit the LIVENow website for booking information and ticket prices.