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28 November 2022 to 11 December 2022 Park Theatre

Image: @press-SteveGregson
Press is the story of a fictional ex-tabloid journalist. Juxtaposing the lack of consequences for his lies with the terrible toll paid by journalists for truth telling in other countries, it asks pertinent questions about media scrutiny and accountability.

Bertie doesn’t need you to like him. He doesn’t care. He’s done some terrible things and his attempts to remedy them have come to no good either.

Maybe it’s the journalist in him, but he needs someone to listen.

Ex-tabloid hack Matt has made a living doing whatever was necessary, at whatever the cost. Based on the real actions taken by journalists, he’s telling his own story. How can so much be done with so few consequences? And how can the telling of truth be so much more dangerous than the telling of lies?

Might his one attempt to be a ‘good person’ end in him losing everything dear to him. Will you laugh with him - or at least at him - for a moment; Bertie needs someone to understand.

This new play examines the freedoms afforded to the press in the UK compared to some other countries. Can one man safeguard the truth and protect his family?

Writer and performer Sam Hoare said, “I was struck when reading about the treatment of some journalists across the world by the contrast with the freedom given in our own country to the press, who seem almost unrestricted in their growing ability to shape culture and public discourse, often through means described by an ex-tabloid hack as ‘the dark arts”.

Press is part of the the Make Mine a Double season in which  four shows starting mid-November and running for four weeks,  give emerging artists and companies a chance to present their work in short run double bills. The new strand of work aims to give theatre makers a lower-cost and lower-risk way of producing new work in the Finsbury Park venue, as well as offering multi-buy tickets to encourage local audiences to see compelling new work. Press is programmed in a double bill with Tunnels, a play based on the real-life escape stories of the men and women who burrowed under the Berlin Wall in 1968.

Running Time: 60 mins | Suitable for ages 12+

Written by Sam Hoare             Directed by Romola Garai        Set design by Susanne Emerson

Lighting design by Laurel Marks          Sound design by Anna Short

Further Information and tickets visit:  Press | Projects | Park Theatre