Shawn Theodore: Night Stars

26 February to 20 March 2021
Paradigm Gallery is pleased to present Night Stars, a solo exhibition of new photographic work by multi-media artist Shawn Theodore. The exhibition is an expansion of Theodore’s investigation into a space he calls ‘Afromythology’, which unites the real and imaginary histories and futures of African Americans. In Night Stars, Theodore focuses on linking the traditions of African indigo making and the magical powers of water and stars. 
The works are a series of large portraits all stood within a vast space of blue. Blue is a significant part of the exhibition. The colour is known to ward off evil in African and African American culture, Theodore questions the origins of it’s symbolic meaning and why it still holds that power today. The visual artist connects the symbolic colour to the 19th century process of cyanotype. Theodore uses this practice as a guideline, photographing his subjects using blue filters and blue cast lights. 
The exhibition will be available to view online from 26th February, from the following link,

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