South London Soul Train - at Peckham Levels

27 April 2024 Peckham Levels

The famous South London Soul Train once against lands in Peckham levels, this time with a 10-piece brass band to pump up the jams.

One of the best live soul series' in London, The South London Soul Train has been hosting unforgettable parties across a number of floors for years now, attracting audiences from the babby's first soulster's to the seasoned veterans. 

This one is a special one though. Brasstermind, the Brixton-based big band, have been one of London's top performers for years now. Their offerings include eclectic brass covers of everything from Fela Kuti to Nirvana, in the style of a classic New Orleans troupe.

Of course, since it's Peckham Level's, Room One is only a portion of the treats. Room 2 goes global, with Femi Fem and Nik Weston dropping classics from Funk, Soul, Afro, Jazz, Boogie, Disco and worlds beyond.

For those bored of the DJ heavy nights, here's your ticket to dance analog-style, just how they used to.